Reflections in hoar frost

Reflections in hoar frost
Fortunate are those who know the added value of winter gifts involving simple afternoons of relaxing with good books and good love in the warmth of our homes, while watching birds at feeding stations or while watching more snowflakes refresh the whitened soil. While enjoying those many winter gifts, we occasionally reflect upon that December morning when fog turns our treetops into frosted gifts so grand. In the sun’s light will hoar frost diamonds glisten; in the moon’s light fireflies will flicker. It’s good, I think, to know there’s good beyond the fog and to know what’s good beyond the coming winter’s long chill.

2 thoughts on “Reflections in hoar frost”

  1. Scott as you so well portray, winter owns a special magic, not least of which are light and atmospherics. For many years I was a regular denizen on snows from lower slopes of Mt Rainier to Lake George and Gore Mtn in New York. Moving here brought very little snow, but my winter walks with birds and the Salt Ponds make their own special magic.


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